Top four reasons to save endangered species

We should try to save the endangered species. Many wildfires are becoming extinct slowly. We need to keep a healthy population of animals and plants. Here are four major reasons to save endangered species.

1. Medicinal value

Many rare plants have good medicinal value. The drug digitalis, for example, is derived from purple foxglove. This drug can be used to treat congestive heart failure, irregular heartbeat, asthma, and other diseases. You can also heal burns and wounds. Like plants, animals also have medicinal properties. For example, brain tumor research uses venom of a scorpion.

2. Agricultural value

Important genes can be present in wild plant species that can improve crops. For example, the genetic material from a wild corn species can stop a leaf fungus that destroyed 15% of US corn crop previously.

3. Ecological importance

Extinction of plant or animal can change the ecosystem drastically. A plant or animal cannot live by itself. It needs to interact with other organisms to survive. When a plant or animal is removed from the ecosystem, the lives of other organisms are compromised. For example, killer whales affect the food chain of bald eagles.

4. Inheritance value

We want our children and the future generations to enjoy the benefits that we gain from wildlife species. So, it is important that these wild species exist. We should take steps to conserve them.

There are many organizations that are working towards conserving the wild species. They are asking people to donate to help them protect these species from getting extinct. Some initiatives that we all can take include reducing pollution and waste planting trees and develop new strategies to conserve the endangered species.


5 simple things we can do to protect our environment

Pollution, global warming, deforestation, etc. are posing great problems to our environment. There are organizations who are working towards protecting the environment. But we have individual roles to play too. Here are five simple things we can do to protect the environment.

Dump less stuff in the landfills

We should recycle things and reuse them as well. We should make sure that we don’t have to dump too many things in the landfills. We should reduce the amount of waste we make.

Turn off electronics when not in use

You shouldn’t leave your TV in the standby mode overnight. It will increase carbon footprint and increase your electric bill. If you are not charging your mobile, then you should pull out the charger.

Walk or ride a bicycle

You should use your car less. If you are traveling nearby, you can either take a walk or ride a bicycle. There will be no carbon emission if you use a bicycle for travel.

Reuse plastic bags and bottles

There are trillions of plastics in the oceans, and these are dangerous for the fishes. They strangle sea animal. So, you should reuse plastic bags and bottles and dump less of these.

Eat less meat

Eating meat is a huge environmental hazard that our earth is facing today. It is found that one hamburger uses fossil fuel that can drive a car 20 miles. So, you should cut down on your meat consumption and eat more vegetables instead.

Just by taking these simple steps we can help save our planet. We should not only be responsible for protecting the earth but also encourage others to do the same as well.

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Top 5 current environmental issues that we should be cautious about

It is the time that we should take the right step to save our planet from major environmental problems. If we don’t, then our existence may be at stake. Here are the top five environmental issues that concern us today.


Pollution has devastating consequences. We are mainly responsible for pollution. Water pollution is caused by oil spills, ocean dumping, etc. Air pollution occurs due to the burning of fossil fuels, gasses that come out of vehicles, etc. Industrial waste is the major source of soil pollution.

Climate change

Climate change is taking place due to the ill effects of human activities. It has harmful effects like global warming, urban heat, greenhouse effect, etc. Due to climate change, the polar regions are melting, new diseases are occurring, and more.

Global warming

The earth’s temperature is increasing due to the effects of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, methane, etc. These gasses have heat trapping capability and so forms greenhouse effect. Without these gasses, it would be impossible for human beings to survive. The gasses that are released increases the temperature of the earth as they are trapped in the atmosphere causing global warming.


As the population of the earth is increasing, the demand for food, shelter, and cloth are also increasing. To meet these demands, people are cutting trees which in turn is causing harmful effect on the environment.

Household and industrial wastes

Tons of garbages are produced by household and industry every year. Not all these are recycled or reused. Much of it is dumped and becomes part of landfills. These landfills pose serious environmental concerns.

Our ecosystem consists of us, other animals, the plant life, mountains, rocks, oceans, seas, glaciers and the atmosphere. Our natural resources are also part of our ecosystem. Depletion of the natural resources causes environmental destruction. We should learn how to live green and protect this environment.